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Custom technology

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We are passionate about tech and understand that change is part of life and business.


We enjoy solving problems with new solutions.


We can custom design and build your solutions right hear in Edmonton.

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Smart Home

What is a "Smart Home".


A residence that uses internet-connected devices to enable the remote monitoring and management of appliances and systems, such as Lighting, Heating, Security, and Entertainment.

Turn lights on/off with a schedule or even tell your smart speaker, "Turn yard lights on".

Check on your phone to see if you have locked the door.

Get alerts, "Garage door open", "Water in basement".

Group Actions controlled by your smart speaker or phone. Set the house to night mode with a simple voice command, "Night mode", would then turn on the yard lights, lock the doors, lower the thermostat, turn on the Alarm, shut off hot tub, and water the lawn.


Important, a Smart Home's Infrastructure needs to be

Reliable and Scalable.

No Monthly Cost

Smart Home Technology can start small, and grow when you are ready.

Smart Home Technology

Starting your Smart Home


- Outdoor Security or Accent

- Door Locks

- Sensors; Water on the floor,
  Open Doors