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during the Covid 19 crisis

Work safely from home. Wash your hands,

Practice social distancing and secure your PC.

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12 ways to secure your PC

Wirelite Technologies book of How To - 1

The Elephant in the room


Security is more than tech


Protection needs a plan

Training employees how to recognize and defend against Cyber attacks is the most under spent sector of the Cyber Security industry.

The right Tech and training is the best defense against online crime.

People are the most important

defense against Cyber Crime.

Technology can only do so much  against Cyber Crime.

Every 14 seconds, Cyber Crime claims a new Victim.

Every minute Cyber crooks pocket $2.9M USD! We want to keep you safe from Cyber Crime and want to share with you, "Wirelite Technologies-Cyber Security First step to securing Your PC" guide

Security is a "People" problem. People are committing the Crimes.

Qualified people are those who can stem the tide and make a real difference in the fight against those "Cyber Crooks".

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