Digital Networks are what business runs on today

What is a LAN? Do I need one? LAN (Local Area Network), is how your Computers, WiFi, Printers, Server, and Internet connect your business.

Computer Network  -  New or Renovations

We can transform your network to a Professional grade.

If your LAN fails, your business comes to a halt.

Improved performance and reliability 24 X 7.

This will allow you to focus on running your business,

leave your competition behind.

Have Wirelite come to your location and

perform a LAN assessment.

Professional Network Enclosure

-  Patch Panel (all jacks terminate here)

-  Gigabit Network Switch

-  Router and Firewall

-  Internet modem

-  VoIP phone controller

-  Server

-  UPS (Battery backup)

-  Power distribution bar

A Professional grade network

-  Gigabit Network cabling

-  Jacks where you need them

-  Business WiFi (2.4 & 5Ghz)

-  Router, Firewall, Web filter

-  Remote Access VPN

-  Gigabit Network Switch

-  UPS (Battery Backup)

*  Connect multiple buildings



WiFi connects your modern business

More business is being done on wireless devices than ever before.


Ensure that your company is ready to take advantage of wireless business technology.


We offer fast and reliable WiFi for both indoor and outdoor.

-  Powerful, secure, fast WiFi 

-  2.4Ghz, 5Ghz

-  Multiple SSID

-  Guest WiFi

-  Control user access

-  Same WiFi in many buildings

-  Hidden SSID (Point of Sale terminals)

-  Indoor & Outdoor

The quality of WiFi service is influenced by it's installed location.

We understand how WiFi RF emissions radiate and can ensure a "Best in class" performance of your WiFi.


What does my business get by having a server?

File sharing, Security, Printer services, Backups, Application hosting, Identity based access control and the best performance you can get.


Give your business total control of your data.

-  Custom built to your needs

-  Windows or Linux

-  Fault tolerant hard drives

-  User login to secure files

-  File backup

-  Amazing performance

-  Provide secure remote access

-  Host printers

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