Rural Camera Packages

* Installation extra

Rural needs are different than City needs

Large spread out Property,

Multiple buildings, Husbandry facilities,

Cold storage, Seed & Feed storage, Fuel tanks.


Yard 6 LL Protect - $1,830

Cover your entire property

-  Entrance, Fuel tanks, Garage

-  Monitor family safety

-  8 channel NVR with 4TB HD

-  3 X 2MP Turret wide angle

    IR low light cameras

-  3 X 2MP Bullet variable zoom

    IR low light cameras

Home low light.JPG

Wireless Link - $370

Connect remote building cameras

-  Control and view cameras

   in remote locations

-  Highly secured

-  Low power needs

-  Harsh Environment capable

Wireless Links.jpg

We have many more options

Each property is different, here are some examples of Camera Packages that are popular with Rural customers


Property 8 - $2,425

Husbandry Operation

-  Monitor Indoor/Outdoor Pens

-  Post delivery close up views

-  Can pressure wash cameras

-  PTZ to monitor several Pens

-  8 channel NVR with 4TB HD

-  7 X 4MP Vandel dome

   IR low light cameras

-  1 PTZ 2MP 30X zoom, tracking

   outdoor low light camera

Yard Perimeter.JPG

View and Control Cameras from multiple locations

You can do Pen Check from your Barn, Living room, at the Store, anywhere you have internet

Ranchers looking at cameras.jpg

WireLite customers

doing a pen check

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