Office Setup

Today's business needs reliable technology

Think of us as your full-time IT department ... without the full time cost


Information Technology Advisor

We are technology agnostic meaning we provide

our expertise without pushing any brand of tech.


We take your direction to guide us to find the right solution(s) that fit YOUR needs.

Example, "the office move"

We have supported many office moves, renovations and new office setup's.

-  We can install/move network and phone jacks to

    where you need them.

-  Install and setup the WiFi.

-  We will label all of the jacks, and test them.

-  We can be available to help with getting your

    tech back in action.

-  We can move your network and phone systems.

-  We can help with the migration of IT services;

    Internet, Phone lines, Alarm systems, Cameras

    systems, Network Servers, Network gear, ... 

New office guy with plan.jpg

the Boss told me,

"We are moving and need our office tech

to work like it did at the old place."


Tech Advisory for your biz


Computer Network  -  New or Reno's

-  Office computers

-  Printer vs Copier

-  Server (Secure shared folders)

-  File backup (onsite & cloud)

-  Email; gmail vs

-  Reliable Internet

-  Phone services both cell & desk

-  Cyber Security (tech and people)

-  Secure remote access

-  Office productivity software

-  Services to multiple structures

-  Security; Cameras and Burglary

Connecting your office Tech to a reliable network makes all of the difference.

Improved performance and reliability.

This will allow you to focus on running your business,

leave your competition behind.

-  Gigabit Network cabling

-  Jacks where you need them

-  Business WiFi

-  Router and Firewall

-  Remote access VPN

-  Ultra fast Network Switch

-  UPS (Battery backup)

-  Connect multiple buildings



More business is being done on wireless devices than ever before.


Ensure that your company is ready to take advantage of wireless business technology.


We offer fast and reliable WiFi for both indoor and outdoor.

-  Powerful, secure, fast WiFi 

-  2.4Ghz, 5Ghz

-  Multiple SSID

-  Guest WiFi

-  Control user access

-  Same WiFi in many buildings

-  Hidden SSID (Point of Sale terminals)

-  Indoor & Outdoor


Office Technology is not perfect and sometimes fails.


We understand that when failures happen, work stops!


We can provide over the phone support with remote PC control. We also offer onsite tech support,

Let us be your "Nerds of choice".



What does my business get by having a server?

File sharing, Security, Printer services, Backups, Application hosting, Identity based access control and the best performance you can get.


Give your business total control of your data.

-  Custom built to your needs

-  Windows or Linux

-  Fault tolerant hard drives

-  User login to secure files

-  File backup

-  Amazing performance

-  Provide secure remote access

-  Host printers


You hear in the news, hack this, ransomed files that. 87% of businesses don't up their security game until they have been hit by cyber crime.


We can help after the fact to, but would rather make those

"cyber dirt bags" pass on your business, protect today!




Cloud hosting

In 1440 J. Gutenberg changed the world with the invention of the printing press.


Having the right printer(s) or copier(s) and connecting them will improve the efficiency of your business.

We can make scanning and printing easy and cost effective.

-  Connect all printers

-  Control printer access

-  Monitor volume & tonner

-  Scan to file or email

-  Easy to deploy for new users

-  Backup printers

Always available, access from anywhere using the internet.

Provide a centralized file system that is available to you and your road warriors.


This pay for use service is offered by Big recognizable names: MicroSoft, Google, AZURE, GODADDY


Collaborate like you have never before.



Desk phones are still apart of office life today.


Integrating on hold messages, automatic transfer by voice prompt, "push 3 for sales", voice mail are just some of the perks of a modern phone system.


Have an extension at your home office, ring to your cell and desk phone at the same time during business hours, does your competition have that?

-  Professional features 

-  Voice mail, send to you via email

-  On hold messages

-  Conference calling

-  Call parking

-  Interactive Voice Response

-  Call routing (Press 1 for accounting, Press 2 for ...)

-  Ring cell and desk phone

    at the same time

-  Use same cable as your PC

VoIP Phone.jpg