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MyStreets is a, not for Profit Community Security Camera
Network, that is supported by
Artificial Intelligence and smart technology.

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Our difference is that we use a wide area of surveillance cameras to
protect an entire neighborhood.

Cameras work together with our A.I. to provide complete surveillance that delivers real-time protection.

Our A.I. controls Alerts, Lighting, and Location Specific Alarms.

Our Artificial Intelligence Security Systems detect motion by first analyzing video frames for object recognition. Only when an object has been detected will the A.I. look for motion.

A.I. - Motion detection has high accuracy.

Rear alley MyStreets.jpg

Traditional video security systems detect motion by comparing the differences between video frames, Pixel by Pixel.

Traditional - Motion detection has low accuracy.

A.I. motion detection

How motion detection works AI.png
AI accuracy wins every time.jpg

Old motion detection

How motion detection works.png

Object modeling provides high confidence with identification.

Our A.I. analysis recognizes objects, then looks for movement. Object not found prevents FALSE motion alerts.

Neighborhood protection example,
Only public-facing cameras.

Neighborhood LiveStreets cameras.png

Successful Neighborhood coverage provides a Perimeter of Protection.

Old technology tests frame by frame for different pixels.

Traditional camera systems detect  motion by comparing video frame differences. A waving flag, passing headlights, plants in a breeze can trigger FALSE motion alerts.

MyStreets Perimeter Guard Protect what is important to you.

Have access to all cameras in your neighborhood, live and recorded.

Privacy is important to us and we use the FOIP legislation as standards to ensure compliance.

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